About Us

Company Background

Sweet Coco Clothing has been in Malaysia for 2 years. Sweet Coco Clothing is well recognized as a leader in the woman apparel brand in Malaysia with the superior product quality, exclusive designs while ensuring value for money. Sweet Coco Clothing has a broad variety of stylish clothing ranging from casual, comfortable wear to smart wear specially to cater for the Happy Woman aged from 20 years old and above.
Back in 2012, Sweet Coco Clothing only produced traditional malay woman clothes such as Baju Kurung but it came with many designs. In 2013, the designers of Sweet Coco Clothing came up with brilliant ideas on dresses and tops for woman. The designs were accepted by publics and demands on Sweet Coco Clothing increases.

“Sweet Coco Clothing's vision is to remain the most preferred premium brand and develop itself as an internationally recognized."

“Sweet Coco Clothing's mission is to style woman with fashionable, high quality, comfortable to wear and value for money apparels.”

i. To make sure that the materials used are in high quality.
ii.The designs are up-to-date.